What Makes EXaholics Special?

So many of us feel like we've overburdened our friends and family after our breakup. And some of us feel alone even when we're in a room full of people. It may be that our innermost feelings aren't being validated by anyone who truly understands us. When we feel worried or uneasy, often times our thoughts turn to our EX or other stressful triggers that we have a hard time extinguishing.

Connection is the opposite of Addiciton

Connections can help us soothe. When we connect with people who feel as we do, something happens to us. We're not just being heard, but we're experiencing something unfamiliar--the feeling of being understood.

Since 2013, the EXaholics community has been a place for anonymous connections from heartbreak through recovery. We've been rich in unconditional love and support, where people who don't know each other beyond a username genuinely relate and care for one another. And it doesn't have to end when we feel better about the terminated relationship that brought us here in the first place. We still connect on so many other important levels that serve us through life itself. We also have the capacity to give back to those who are hurting today, just like we once did.

This is what makes our community special. We can relate in ways we've been missing in everyday life. And connection is a powerful thing because to be understood is to feel connected.

We wish you all peace.

With Unconditional Love,
From all of us in the community of EXaholics

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