Dear Friends & Community Members,

EXaholics has served a vibrant community for nearly a decade. We’ve made a vital difference in the people’s lives during those years.

Now the time has come for a new roadmap that will foster a community in a different way. While we work to execute this, we invite anyone with expertise or resources who are willing to donate their time and help to contact us at info@exaholics.com

Also any current members who need help with disconnecting from their current membership, please email us as well.

Thank you all for being part of this community and we look forward to coming back as a useful media and information platform designed to inform, enlighten, and guide anyone who is hurting from a breakup or romantic separation.

Stay safe and remember that being an exaholic brings an opportunity, to grow in a way that can help you become a more complete and emotionally comfortable person than before the breakup.

See you again soon!


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