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VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING ANONYMITY: This is an anonymous recovery program and we will only approve accounts with anonymous usernames. First and last names as usernames are not permitted. We repeat, nowhere on this site will your real identity appear, as long as you do NOT use your real name in your profile or when using the site. Be sure your username is NOTHING like your real name. And be sure never to share with anyone on the website who you really are. You are anonymous here. Also do not use real names for anyone else in your life while on this site: your friends, family, or your ex. Please do not mention specific dates or places that would give you away.

Before we begin, we have the power to acknowledge that we are in fact, EXaholics. Once we make this admission to ourselves and others, the recovery process may truly begin.

A good first step is to register to the site. Remember to fill out all required fields so that your account remains active. Our commitment to keep spammers away necessitates that we delete accounts that are not properly submitted. 


We've become best knows for our incredibly supportive forums. Once you've become a member. start posting. Our main forum is the Daily Check-In. Whether you feel a burst of emotion or not, check in at least once a day. We can't stress this enough. Even if you don't always feel like it, login at least once a day and post in the Main Forum. Sometimes you'll feel a lot better. Other times just a little. Over the long run, it's better than many of the alternatives. It is suggested to try not to keep your thoughts bottled up inside. Beyond the main forum, there are many other forums to join and post in. Feel free to post new topics, or reply to older ones. Keep the ideas and heartfelt thoughts flowing.


EXChat is a live chatroom available for you to join 24/7. Chat LIVE with other members going through this difficult experience with you. You may also chat with members one on one through our instant messenger feature.


We talk to experts and authors from around the world by video link. These are live on the webinars page and members can type questions for the speaker in real time. These last 45 minutes each and are amazing to watch & learn from. We cover a multitude of topics ranging from understanding attachments to how love functions in the brain. These webinars are then posted to our videos page where you can watch them anytime.


Yes you can FRIEND other members on the site. Just click on Connect button in the MY FRIENDS section of the logged in homepage. Let’s face it, many of your outside friends might hear you, but unless they are going through it too, they might not be able to help in the way that is needed. In fact, they may get worn out. We believe that those who can really be counted on, are fellow EXaholics, who are also on the same emotional roller coaster.


While EXaholics does not itself offer therapy or advice, experts on the site will share their own thoughts on the subject. These experts speak for themselves and it is, of course, your decision whether to incorporate an experts' thoughts into your life. You may be able to find the right experts that work for you. This is an individual decision so feel free to browse the expert list as you see fit.


Much like Twelve step programs for alcoholics, this is the first one for EXaholics. While this program of recovery is non-professional and does not seek the endorsement of credentialed therapists or physicians, we believe in its success, just like we see in other non-professional step programs. The program offers hope and a new suggested way of thinking and living for countless EXaholics. Work the steps and share your thoughts about the steps in the 12 Steps Forum. Interact with others in the program who are on the same step. And talk about your progress in places like the Forums and LIVE CHAT.


A vital part of the program. See the box marked "counting days" on the homepage for an explanation of this all important tool.

Share this gift with others. The more we talk about this program and its benefits, the more people will hear about it and utilize its offerings. Finally, there is a way to do something about this real life issue. You've been told, again and again, that the only thing that will heal is time itself. Well, now there is no longer a need to be a sitting duck anymore, waiting for time to take the pain away. The time is now!

To begin making full use of this site:
Click Sign Up. Once you're logged in, write your first post in the Main Forum.  Then click through the many options on the site and make the MOST of them!!

You're Not Alone... Break-ups Hurt!!
"Are you an Exaholic?"

If you’re asking yourself that question, then chances are you’ve come to the right place. Are you having a difficult time moving on?

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