by Dr. Cortney Warren

You have just met the person of your dreams. You are swept off your feet—completely in love and excited to create a future together. Living on Cloud 9, you believe that you have found your one and only. It is the natural high of falling in love. You decide to get married. You feel exhilarated. […]

Going Cold Turkey! by Dr. Jeff Gardere
LETTING GO by Poet Kimbel
(UN)HAPPY SONG by Poet Kimbel
NO ESCAPE by Poet Kimbel
THE GIFT by Poet Kimbel
Partners of Sex Addicts by Jenner Bishop
Crazy Love by Leslie Morgan Steiner
You're Not Alone... Break-ups Hurt!!
"Are you an Exaholic?"

If you’re asking yourself that question, then chances are you’ve come to the right place. Are you having a difficult time moving on?

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