My EX’s Dating App Profile Would Look Like This, If He Were Honest

by Ms. Wouldn't Have

A dating app profile is for some an opportunity to tell a tall tale, to embellish, to stretch facts, and put on a face they think people want to see.

So I asked myself: What if I had read an imaginary dating app profile of my ex, would I date him?

If the profile was HONEST it would say the following:

Charming, handsome, professional, intelligent, articulate man seeking companion to listen to his problems and put up with his faults.

I’m a loner
I’m never happy
I carry baggage from a previous relationship
I will not call you
I will not tell you I love you
I'll show up when it suits me, not you. So don't ask.
I will put you last
I will not make you feel loved, respected, safe or secure.
I will lie to you
I will cheat on you and act as if it was my right.

I will give you happy, romantic moments but they will be vastly outnumbered by moments of intense pain and sorrow

I will devalue you.

If I read this truth, if I saw this profile, I would never have let myself fall in love with him. This is the dating app profile I wish I had seen. This is the dating app profile none will ever see.

the TRUTH will never change, I have to say NO!

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