I Recovered From My Breakup Thanks to a Special & Caring EXaholics Community

by Recovered One

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I’ve popped in to say hello and wish you all well. This EXaholics community will always be special to me.

Two years ago I was devastated, heartbroken, unemployed, and unable to see any way out of the darkness. I discovered this community while desperately searching the internet for a way to get my relationship back, because I thought that was the only thing that would make me happy again. But, reluctantly and resentfully I embraced the philosophy and tools available here. I made a conscious decision to put my faith in the healing help and support here, and I accepted the pain it would require.

And I SUCCEEDED. I put my faith in NIC (Not Initiating Contact). I diverted my energy toward myself. I slowly relieved myself of my addiction to my ex. I got a crappy job, and then a less-crappy job, and eventually a job at my dream company. And yesterday I got a promotion at my dream company to a better position! It's even better than the one I had before being laid off. That layoff actually happened during the relationship and i remember my ex telling me that it was one of the reasons for the breakup.

I recovered and I am thriving. I want this for all of you too. I know you will get here. .

Recovered One

You're Not Alone... Break-ups Hurt!!
"Are you an Exaholic?"

If you’re asking yourself that question, then chances are you’ve come to the right place. Are you having a difficult time moving on?

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