I Miss My EX During Life’s Special Moments

by Special Moment Sadness

I miss my EX more intensely during life's special moments.

I was looking for a corsage for my daughter’s ball, when I noticed how miserable and tense I was. Instead of enjoying this wonderful time celebrating with my daughter, I was hurting over the fact that he should be here with us, helping me make this time special for her.

I think having to do everything alone and not having anyone to share the special moments is hurting me more than anything.

Sorry that I’m venting, but I just wanted to get that out of my soul. I know that it's a privilege to be there for my daughter and make this day as special as I can for her.

I know the the healing path isn't easy but it is honorable, and that should be enough for me.

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EXaholics Editor Says:

Yes, special moments are indeed times when being alone can make us feel sadder than during everyday run of the mill activities and chores. Special moments can make us feel intensely bonded with the memory of an EX, given the fact that experiences with an EX were likely had around previous special moments. It can feel like a momentary lapse in time. It can amplify the urge to reach out. And kudos to you for essentially saying "when I miss my EX it's about me, not my daughter. This moment is about her."

In times like these, it is helpful to remember that this too shall pass. Special moments- while unique -are true to the word "moment." Balls come and go, but in the grand scheme of life, these moments are in a sense, fleeting. It's the lasting impact of these experiences that matters most. In due time,chances are we will remember them precisely for the what they REALLY meant to us and not as a marker related to an ex. Have you ever looked at an old photo of a special moment or event and said with a chuckle "oh that was when i had just broken up with my ex?" But now with much more clarity, does it take away from the significance of your memory of the event itself? Not a chance. Most of us are generally able to look back and separate our cherished moments from the relationships we had at the time.


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