Sad Girl

I Feel Like a Masochist

by justsosad

I know every single time I contact him I’m only bringing myself more heartache. I’m only making myself more miserable. It makes me feel like I am a masochist, and I suppose in some ways I am. I actually feel kind of proud of myself I went 5 days without talking to him, and I have no intentions of reaching out anymore.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean i feel the same way too😢 the harder i tried the more i pushed him away. Until i realised that he wasnt worth it and i deserve better. You do too! Stay strong 💜

  2. I know that feeling. It is an addiction. To desire the one you loved, to reach out continuously, hoping for a different response and for that moment of change that might bring that person back. Of course, it only hurts you more and makes you feel more insane, and then the other gets pushed farther away. It's like fighting against a tide. No matter how hard you paddle, kick and push against the waves, you are drawn further away from the shore. Eventually, you will become so tired that you drown. I feel like I am drowning now, in all my misery and dreams of what could have been.

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