Sometimes What Looks Like an Ending Can Really Be a New Beginning


At sunset, the end of one day, allows sunrise, the beginning of a new day. Finishing one chapter allows you to start the next. Exiting one door allows you to enter the next. The same is true of our relationships. Maybe you thought you were with the love of your life, the one you would be with forever. Maybe you feel like you did everything that you could to hold on, but still they slipped through your hands. But sometimes the best thing we can do is let go so that we can have open hands to receive what’s next for us. We might think our last relationship was meant to be a “highway” in our life for the long term, but in reality, it was just a “bridge”. Bridges are meant to be crossed to get to the next destination. If you get stuck on the bridge, you’ll never connect to the highway that is meant to take you to a new place.
If what you went through allowed you to learn something about yourself, maybe you were able to learn what you truly want (and won't tolerate) in a relationship. Or maybe it showed you that you need to learn to set clearer expectations and boundaries. You can eventually forget what happened, that doesn’t mean you have to forget the lesson it taught you. You can forgive yourself and forgive the person, yet take the wisdom of experience with you. Sometimes when we break up with someone we love, we feel hopeless and crushed. But remember, sometimes what looks like an ending in your life, can really be an invitation from the Universe for a new beginning.

Junice Rockman is a Wife, Mother of 3, Certified Life & Relationship Coach, Freelance Journalist and Exaholics Contributor. Together, she and her husband Rock operate Relationship Rescue coaching, speaking at live events and appearing regularly on CBS, NBC and Bravo. Junice also works as a Clinical Therapist Intern specializing in the area of Marriage and Family Therapy and Trauma Recovery. For more on the Rockman’s and their work, go to

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