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This site was created for the population of Exaholics. Losing a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, fiancé, partner, or any significant person in life, for whom you have (or have had) feelings, can be an extremely painful experience. Getting over the loss can be one of the most traumatic and difficult challenges you’ll face. To others this might sound overly dramatic. To such judgmental people, serious problems include only devastating matters as a cancer diagnosis, getting laid off at work, and other real problems and serious life challenges. But what you go through is certainly very real and emotionally devastating. And you are the one living with these emotions on a daily basis.

Not everyone suffers in the same way. Some spend the majority of time thinking about the other person with a high degree of intensity. For this person, functioning is severely diminished and they’re may be symptoms such as weight loss, depression, loss of sleep, sleeping too much, inability to get out of bed, inability to concentrate, excessive sadness, no interest in dating, and inability to even think of anyone else romantically.

Some are at a functioning level, but still find themselves missing something. They think about the other person often and find it hard to completely move on or become interested in new people. They are slow to rediscover their own identity and explore their own interests. They may have a hard time being alone.

Still for others, the hard part is taking charge of their own lives and just turning the page. They may have even made some peace with being without the other person, but are lacking the motivation or the ability to create their own destiny. For you, it might be tough to hit the reset button and develop a new routine in life.

Whichever category you fit into, whether listed here or not, the reality is there is a lot to get through, and to get over. The baggage, misery, obsessive thoughts, fear, self loathing, regret, sadness, anger, boredom, purposelessness, and all that is felt must not be left for you alone to solve.

The reality is we all need…..

And once you’ve been able to determine for yourself whether or not you could be an Exaholic, the process of recovery may truly begin. There may come a day when you have learned so much about yourself, that you finally realize that your self worth and happiness belong strictly to YOU.

You're Not Alone... Break-ups Hurt!!
"Are you an Exaholic?"

If you’re asking yourself that question, then chances are you’ve come to the right place. Are you having a difficult time moving on?

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  • Kimbel replied to the topic Day 199 in the forum Counting Days Forum 16 seconds ago

    @Ebony, so I wasn’t wrong in not continuing the series? Good to know! Christian isn’t my type either, but at the time I was in a marriage that had been sexless for years, so oh my, reading those books just set my mind afire! LOL!! Then I met my EX and the passion was incredible!

    I am not a sugaraholic at all. Years ago I cut out sugar from my…[Read more]

  • Ebony replied to the topic Day 199 in the forum Counting Days Forum 7 minutes ago

    I also read the first two books @Kimbel and started the third but didn’t continue.
    I saw previews for it and Christian isn’t my type, but I’d kill to be Anastasia! Not into his red room stuff though….

    I am a sugar holic to the max. I’ll drink Aunt Jemima and when desperate if there’s no sweets around, I eat from the sugar bowl. Salty is good…[Read more]

  • Kimbel replied to the topic Day 199 in the forum Counting Days Forum 32 minutes ago

    @Ebony, I read the first 2 Fifty Shades a few years ago. Very intriguing. I stopped before the third book cause I felt like I knew what was going to happen. But I really think the first book was the best….I cannot imagine how they can make a movie about it and not have it be a XXX, unless they cut out the sex parts. But that’s most of the book,…[Read more]

  • having SUCH a hard time letting go. holding onto a ghost of what was. wish i could let go.

  • Ebony replied to the topic Day 3 in the forum Counting Days Forum 52 minutes ago

    Congrats @AlmondMilk on Day 3! I found those days the hardest, but they get easier as time goes by!