pity party

May 13, 2013

pity party

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You're Not Alone... Break-ups Hurt!!
"Are you an Exaholic?"

If you’re asking yourself that question, then chances are you’ve come to the right place. Are you having a difficult time moving on?

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  • eponine replied to the topic Unrequited love in the forum MAIN Daily Check-In 7 minutes ago

    I think if I could lose weight, that would change things. And I’m trying, but it’s been a life long struggle–one I won’t give up–but it hasn’t worked out for me yet, either.

  • It’s only been a month, but this was a 20 year relationship. I still see her, and we have a child together to take care of, but I can’t accept this. I’ve lost the family I had, the one thing that truly mattered in my life, and I just can’t see a future without her.

  • You can stop once you are ready to. That is your choice. Fully! You just need willpower, and believe me it’s hard to find!

    Maybe the day you believe those things about yourself is the day you will be strong enough to stop. What would be the thing that makes you believe in yourself? What makes that difference to you? Is it something tangible that…[Read more]

  • sleeplessinohio became a registered member 14 minutes ago

  • I can see your point about being open to hurt when you remain friends. The primary issues I have encountered with remaining friends post-relationship is that (1) I still want that person to be in love with me, (2) They share too much personal information about other people now in their lives, and (3) I would maybe see them 2-3 times per month…[Read more]