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"I just want to express how deeply grateful I am. The fact that we can come all together and be able to empathize with each other – it’s wonderful. "
User Testimonials
"Hi all! Wow! Has it been a year since I have joined!? That is crazy. I will tell everyone here to keep your heads up IT GETS BETTER!!"
User Testimonials
"Hi everyone. I did not know this type of group existed. I had been going through so many Internet sites trying to seek help but nothing seemed to work. Thank you Exaholics! "

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I often get asked one particular question: “How is it possible that a relationship can be an addiction?” Let me...

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There is one thing that will help you heal from a break up faster than anything else: Connections with other people...

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Studies in neurology show that just thinking about the person you love activates at least two areas of the right-br...

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This is one of the more valuable insights you'll develop about your ex. Maybe. Try thinking back. Way back.  Re...

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You're Not Alone... Break-ups Hurt!!
"Are you an Exaholic?"

If you’re asking yourself that question, then chances are you’ve come to the right place. Are you having a difficult time moving on?

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  • @anonymousjane also u know it doesn’t matter if he’s cuddling up i look for comfort from other sources but it doesn’t mean I have much of a connection with them it’s just looking for comfort when been rejected I guess so try not to focus on this fitness instructor lady too much

  • @ray-ban what do u mean if u want him say it back?

    I did ask him back when we split but he wasn’t having it. We did speak again last night only via Facebook but I did initiate it and it was analysis of the relationship

    He said he wasn’t dating anyone as he didn’t have time for girls and I had no idea what that meant. Was it a dig? Altho I am…[Read more]

  • Wow, laika, this rings so true for me. My ex said she wanted to be with me forever, that I should never leave her, and when a career chance popped up… she ran. I’ve been in stationary therapy for almost four months, this whole summer through, and I’ve met a lot of people with problems much bigger than mine… and I saw their significant others…[Read more]

  • wound started the topic Day 197 in the forum Counting Days Forum 29 minutes ago

    My name is Michael N and I am an Exaholic.
    It’s been one hundred and ninety seven days since I have initiated contact with my ex.

    Lately I’ve been dreaming of her much more again. Oh my poor, poor, heart.

  • wound replied to the topic Day 194 in the forum Counting Days Forum 31 minutes ago

    It is terribly hard. Last night I even dreamed of looking up her new address and to send her a letter. Woke up to the dream and had to restrain myself physically because my mind was on auto pilot and I was *that* close to contacting her.

    I like to imagine she sits there crying sometimes, thinking of me. Second time we broke up, she said “love is…[Read more]